HigherChakra Necklaces Mandala Pendant
HigherChakra Pendant Mandala Pendant
HigherChakra Pendant Mandala Pendant
HigherChakra Pendant Mandala Pendant
HigherChakra Pendant Mandala Pendant
HigherChakra Pendant Chain Mandala Pendant
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Mandala Pendant

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In Buddhism and Hinduism, a Mandala is a spiritual representation of the Universe.

Carry with you the calming force of this ancient symbol.

Tibetan Mandala Pendant Meditation Mindfulness Jewelry Images by Nicholas Kahr via: instagram.com/nickkahr/

How to use a Mandala:

The design of the mandala attracts and focuses the mind so that chattering thoughts cease.

This makes the Mandala an effective tool to bring upon a state of meditation.

Let the creative hemisphere of your mind run free while the analytical side takes a little nap.

Material: Silver Alloy, Leather Cord (Vegan).
Pendant Size: 3.8cm / 1.5"
Chain/Cord Length: 45cm / 17.7"

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